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By immediately contact, understanding your requirement precise and fast, our profession is the best choice for you.




Insistence on the pursuit of ideals

Development of high-quality and highly satisfactory products
30 years experience in export and internal trading
A professional and trust worthy partner

  Sunny Biotech insists on developing safe and effective products, regarding the maintenance of high-quality products and the customer’s satisfaction as top priority. Gratefully, Sunny Biotech is supported by customers from Taiwan, Mainland China and other countries around the world. Sunny Biotech has logistics factory in Xiamen and runs a new cosmetics factory based on Good Manufacturing Practice at the end of 2007, providing better service. Aiming at satisfying our customers’ need , Sunny Biotech provides customer a series of safe and useful High-quality products.

Sunny Biotech mainly focuses on the study and development of specialized and high-level cosmetics, cooperating with R&D center technology in Europe, United States and Japan. We have world-class R&D and manufacturing skill. Mainly, we provide customers with OEM and ODM professional services as well as developing and designing specific product in accordance with the customers’ requirement. With high-quality, safe and effective products, we can satisfy our customer’s needs.

       Since 1979, Sunny Biotech keeps our operating philosophy in order to develop safe and effective products, regarding “customer satisfaction” as priority. Besides meeting customers’ demand for skin care products, we are devoted to produce top biotechnological skin care products in recent years. We insist on providing the best quality and import world-class raw materials and patent prescriptions, making an effort to reduce customers’ cost. We have been accepted and supported by various channels of customers around the world.

      In 2007, Sunny Biotech established a new factory in Taichung industrial Area, based on the rule of GMP and has passed ISO9001 qualification recognized by SGS. Sunny Biotech is located in Taichung Industrial Area, a big Industrial Area in the middle of Taiwan, south to the University of Tunghai and Taichung-Gang Road and north to Taichung Precision Machinery Park. At present, there are more than eight hundred factories setting up here, including machinery, chemicals, plastics, knitting, electrical and other industries. And what more competitive is our communication is better than other cities because we have air port and Taichung harbor in the meantime. So we already stand on a vantage point to export and import.


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Head Office:
5F.-1, No.242, Sec. 1, Taichung Port Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 403, Taiwan


3F.-7, No.210, Gongyecyu 38th Rd., Situn Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)